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Originally Posted by Sarianna View Post
Hang in there, Jgpowell. I know it's just a silly clichť but...This too shall pass. You will get mail from him eventually and he'll be out of the SHU eventually, and hopefully he learned his lesson about the phone and things will smooth out.

Maybe you could go out for walks, read a book or two, write in a journal, put on some good music and dance by yourself It may sound nuts but I spend quite a lot of time on my own too, and I have these little pick-me-ups if I start feeling blue...ya never know what helps until you try it... go on...
Thank you for the support. I try. And keep going. I did go to the lake today. It helped. Water always calms me. Iím hoping one more week. Is all but I have no clue what he got in trouble for. So. Hopefully Iíll get a letter soon. I keep writing at least heíll know Iím still here. Not happy with him at the minute but but not going anywhere. He feels is if we didnít talk all the time heíd loose me. He must really think Iím shallow. Lol. I keep telling him we need to gudget. Neither one is rich. And I will only send a little to help with messagi
G. Heís not good at that though. Lol. He will learn. Sure do love him though.
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