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Originally Posted by DestinysChild View Post
I hope he gets caught doing drugs because that's what he they can put him away again for awhile. I don't think he got what he deserved the first time around...he deserves more, I can feel it in my bones I know he's back out there doing the same ole' same ole'.

I've even seen his car over at his sisters, I'm sure thats where he's staying at...ooooohhh if I just had the nerve to call parole on him...but I'm not a snitch...... Sometimes wish I was though.
He'll get caught without you having to snitch on him. If he's anything like my son-in-law, it's just a matter of time. My son-in-law keeps going back also for drugs. He gets released next month.....again! They gave him an extra 90 days and called it "escape" because it took the cops too long to find him.
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