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Default Anyone Know What Happens When they show absconded on the DOC website....

I was looking at the AZDOC website for my ex.'s status, I hadn't checked on him for some time, I knew he was due to be released this Spring.. I found out that he was released in April (I'm very glad he hasn't tried to contact me, I don't need him or his problems in my life).
I noticed on the AZDOC web site that he absconded/escaped??? I guess that means he skipped out on parole?

Anyone know what happens to him when they catch him? I've moved since he went in last year, so he doesn't know where I live, but he does know where I work. I don't think he'll try to cause me any problems...he just wants to try & break up me & my honey (he doesn't have a snowballs chance in H*ll !

His original sentence was 2 years, he did just under a year, had parole for about 3 months (supposed to be until August '08) he's absconded??? What a fool? What usually happens in that case? Will he just go back & max out his time, doing the other year? Or do they get more time added on? It says TIS ABSCONDER...then some numbers under the warrants. Does that mean he may have picked up new charges because it's a warrant? What happens when his parole date gets here in August will they just drop the whole thing or is he still in trouble ? Could this mean he's on the run? Is there a way to tell if he picked up some new charges? Dang that man is far too old for that stuff he's almost 50 years old now.

I hope he doesn't come around me.....I'll put order of protection on him...but I got to find out all the information I can about his whereabouts...

Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

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