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I concur. If he is doing things in prison that he should not be he is not worried about consequences like he should be. Whether he gets time added to his sentence or is simply put in to the hole, loses calls or visits doesn't bother him. I could never trust such a reckless man. And it would raise flags early on if he is getting so attached so fast, are you being conned? He may not be asking for anything YET but I wouldn't be surprised if he did soon.

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Ok, I read your other post and there are a couple of red flags here. 1. Being on POF and not revealing he is an inmate. How did you initially start communicating? Inmates don’t have access to the internet and if he is talking to you in the app most likely he is using a cellphone, which is not allowed. 2. He’s made it clear that he wants you as a companion. I assume he means romantic because he didn’t say “ friend”. He’s already being deceitful right from the start and make sure you know exactly what “companion” means before you get in too deep because it wasn’t an inmate that you went looking for.
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