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Lancaster County is a nightmare when it comes to dress code! My boyfriend was there for about 8 months so I got to see a wide range of CO's and hear what their thoughts were on the dress code. Basically you have to have sleeves on your shirt, no cleavage, can not be see through, you can not wear a tank top underneath your shirt, can not wear a jacket/cardigan over top (leave it in your locker) also lockers are 50 cents and I suggest you bring the 50 cents since their change machine is ALWAYS broken. For pants you can not wear leggings or spandex period. You can not wear anything with rips or holes either. The part that I found most frustrating is the "tight pants" part. I would wear the same jeans pretty much for each visit, some times i would be fine and the CO would say nothing, other times I would be turned away and told I can not visit (i suggest packing sweat pants in your car to change into incase this happens) One time it happened to me and i got so frustrated that I finally said something to the CO, saying you all need to get on the same page because some of you allow people in with "tight pants" and others of you don't. Sadly what you wear pant wise is based off the CO that is working that day. I use "tight pants" in quotations because I would come from work sometimes in my nice LOFT work pants that are acceptable for work and they would say its too tight. Their use of the word tight is very subjective. I suggest to be safe either wear baggy pants or wear the jeans/pants you like and just pack a back up in your car. The nice thing is they do allow you to change, the shitty part is, sometimes you miss the sign up time because of it and have to wait another hour to sign up for next visitation. You can wear any shoe you like. No jewelry is permitted except for wedding rings. Your hair must be down, no hair ties whatsoever. Also no belts. I think i covered it all, good luck and have a good visit!!

Also the room is small and if it is crowded in their it can be hard to hear. You sit across from each other the whole time with no touching. In the beginning and end you can hug and kiss any way you like. People really go hard in there with making out, from what I have seen upstate LCP is very liberal in allowing you to kiss and what not.
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