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Originally Posted by MoenMoe7
I am asking all the ladies, how far will you go when your man makes a deal inside and then writes you or calls you and tells you to send a money order to this one or a money order to that one! What is your limit? Has this happened to you guys?

one thing about having a real woman on the matter what she does with herself...she must do this for her man keep the money moves real...from personal experience i have been in stitutions where i had to have cash sent to other prisoners accounts; when i was on commissary restriction, when i was in ad seg on a level denied full commissary privilege i would have money sent to others account and then work the commissary items to me via the prison's underground railroad...
i am saying that your man, if he is responsible, knows how to move his him unless he
shows signs of weakness...

(i am a man i hope i am not intruding)


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