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Keep it clean, Ladies..... PG13 or so?

I've never understood getting riled about a guy's fantasy life, but I guess if I were going to get uptight about it, I'd be more likely to be offended by a "real" person playing a role in the movie in his head than a celebrity or someone made-up.... It's not like James Spader, an ex or that totally hot boy who winked at me at a red light never shows up on my screen at such moments... doesn't mean I'd do anything to hurt my husband in "real life"... they're fantasies, not much more than dreams we're awake to appreciate.

As for the act itself- So what? I hope that my hubby does so and he's only away from me two weeks or a month at a time, depending on where the jobsite is. It's not like that's energy that's available to share at the moment, anyway, and I'd tell him it was his ONLY option if he ever copped an attitude about my solitary pursuits.

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