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I wish he was in Canada, because I could advise you on afew things. For example, HERE, if they put him in with a skinhead/Aryan nation type, a case could be made that they OWED HIM A DUTY OF CARE under the Penitentiary Acts (a huge manual, that outlines what duties the prison owes the inmates.)

Is he o.k. with the medical care he got afterwards? If he feels, for example, that his jaw should have been x-rayed, but wasn't, he can ADD that DUTY of CARE to the list, in order to show a GENERAL attitude the prison has against him.

Maybe you should talk to Cynthia (the K.P. inmate I spoke to you of, extensively in the past). SHE WON ALL HER CIVIL LIBERTIES LAWSUITS against the system. She is now in a B.C. Prison, I think. But maybe it wouldn't help after all, because the human rights legislation here, is not the same as in the U.S.

Also, in Canada, yes they DO write up ALL "participants" in any fight, and keep them all separated. Then drop the charges against the "victim". But, again, this is in Canada... possibly of no help to you or Teddy.

I have a book I can loan to you, about the processes of these write-ups, and committees and the problems with it all...

Oh, Teb, HUGS, my friend! I am horrified to hear all of this! I know it strikes at a deep fear for you, and leaves you feeling soooo helpless...

Anything I/we can do, Teb...


All My Love,
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