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Here is the 'scoop' as I understand it...

First of all my Partner is in Missouri. In his prison (Level 5 max) they have two separate ad seg units. One is single and one is double. He obviously made it to the double occupancy unit. His nerves were a little shot the night before he went to the hole because he was afraid of getting into the double cell and who he would be put in with.

The system as I understand it where he is will not allow him to go directly to protective custody or even move directly to another housing unit within the facility without going into ad seg first. When in ad seg - even though voluntary - he is subject to all the same restrictions as Prisoners that have been put there because of a violation. From what I understand there is no way around this - and it does not make sense to me.

Now, further to that, his case worker and housing unit know that he wants to be transfered to protective custody and all they can do is process the transfer to ad seg. Once in ad seg he has to apply or notify the admin that he wants to go to protective custody... This can only be done on a Tuesday and he went in on a Friday. So from what I understand - even if he verbally stated that he wanted to move to PC - this request would not show on his record until Tuesday.

So they throw him in a cell with a habitual violent offender that also happens to be Arian Nation (and known to be this) and look what happens...

I believe that he will file a suit against the prison or the state because of this beating... I am just hoping that I can offer some assistance or information to assist.

Thanks for your assistance with this!
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