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Originally Posted by Lovebirds View Post
Iím sorry to hear about the domestic violence. Unfortunately, you need the fatherís consent. At least thatís how it was when I went through the process five years ago. Has the father been found mentally incapacitated by the courts, because that might make a difference?! Is there any police report in the domestic violence because that might change things too.

When it comes to the financial responsibility, they donít care what the foreign spouse do or whether you have a job offer or not. The US petitioner must either make three times the federal poverty guidelines, you have a certain amount in assets (donít remember the exact amount anymore) or youíll need to have a joint sponsor. Maybe his mum?

Good luck.
Hi Lovebirds, I didn't realise you had replied!

Yeah the courts would know about his mental capacity as he was unfit to plea on a fairly high profile case a couple of years ago and I have a restraining order form from about 8 years ago which has expired now. Mediation was rejected due to domestic violence in the past when disputing contact. Do you know how they would expect me to obtain his permission? :-(

I have assets fortunately I own my own place and my man's sisters have offered to help with sponsorship too so I should be good on that front fingers crossed!
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