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Default Mail room clerk with a heart

One of my wifeís friends who had recently been sentenced, got called to the mail room. The clerk showed her an envelope from her husband containing a letter with pictures. The clerk told her she couldnít let her have it because the pictures were revealing. She asked whether Mary wanted the envelope destroyed or returned stamped REFUSED Ė ILLEGAL CONTENT. Mary asked if she could at least read the letter if not look at the pictures before she decided what she wanted to do about them. The clerk told her no, I canít let you look at any of it. She put the envelope on the shelf of the Dutch door, (the top was open), said she had to make a phone call and left them there. Mary took the letter and photos out of the envelope. The clerk didnít say anything. She read the letter quickly and looked at the pictures until the clerk hung up. Mary put them back in the envelope, thanked the clerk and told her to send them back.
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