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Good for you! I gave 17 years and ran with our son. My family disowned me over it, choosing to believe his lies over my truth. I honestly thought when they saw how our son was they would realize the truth of the matter. Nope. God told me to run. He gave me an out. He showed me who my family really was even though I knew all along and didn't want to face/believe it. He gave me an out from them as well. He gave me everything I needed then took my ex via an aortic dissection. I still pray his heart and soul were right with God, but I am so very grateful he's not around anymore because he was stalking me and would destroy my new man any way he could. My family causes more harm than good, so I'm glad to be away from them as well. I love/hate hearing stories like yours because it makes me feel less alone. You are a strong woman and I love what you did and am very proud of you-*sister fist bump*
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