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Talking HELP! I can't figure out my new gas oven!

Some of you know that I've moved to Panama City, Panama, a little over 2 months ago. I got this really great apartment with this awesome kitchen in in, brand new appliances and the whole shabang.
I'm from Germany and I have been used to electric ovens and now I have this Frigidaire gas oven (kitchen & appliances provided by the rental company).
I've tried to bake my banana bread now twice according to the cookbook and both time it turned out that it was good on the top 1/3 and below 2/3 was total mush and not baked.
I've asked some of my new colleagues and they said I should put it on the lowest level, lower temperature and bake it basically a lot longer.
Do you have any tricks for me or recommendations? The temperature is in Celsius on this thing and I can convert but still... so far I dumped two banana breads...
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