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Originally Posted by AndyS View Post
Listen, I get that you are disappointed that he is jeopardizing his freedom and your relationship but ignoring his calls is not the way to deal with it.


Good luck to you, Andy S. Thanks for your opine.I know what i'm doing and i am sticking with it as it worked for me, not necessarily for you.But, i am PROUD of mi self for not taking his calls, til' I was ready to do so and gave him time to REFLECT. So glad i did this for almost 11 days not 12, about 11 days or so.
Good luck to you too,with your loved one.I know EXACTLY what i'm doing and glad i did.I counsel others and inmate wives/inmate husbands/familia for years, work in field relevant and soon law school."I know exactly that i needed to do what i have shared here and it worked..Will be updating soon."Also to ALL who have bombarded me with such GENUINE and sincere kind Pm's, you're amazing,for which i have been receiving GRACIA. I have the update coming up soon.But working at mi counseling/consultin ctr right now.
I will update soon. Hugs and Blessings. Adios.
You seem offended by my post. If you didn’t want other people’s perspective then why ask? I’m glad everything has worked out for you and your method worked for your relationship. I hope it works long term and you both have a long and happy life together.
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