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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
Well.... as long as he chooses dope and breaking the rules over you then his words are empty... empty promises. Not answering his calls is the least I'd do... I don't know (of course I'm not in your shoes/situation) I'd run for the hills. If Jeff would do this I would leave him no matter how long I held him down. That's one thing I will not accept (no matter how much I love him) is going back to drugs and other things he used to do before going to prison. My life is too short and already more than half over...
Sending you lots of hugs... I can imagine this is really difficult for you

Hola chica, dulce Miz...
(Sweet)Mizzy. hi chica.and lol @ "would run for the hills." Oh, trust me, the advice i give her that many appreciate is exactly what i live by myself.Simply Run. Don't walk.Run, don't look back IF not showing such action and or messing up to a level that you are clearly not going to be comfortable with and that does NOT fit into your life, and just remember that fond/happy memories and just keep it movin' and you're going to be so much happier/less stressed. I know that + again i will be updating soon. WE SPOKE.More than once earlier.So now, all here know we spoke. However, MIZZY, me and you chica are alike in "many ways and i am again living by what i preach to others, as i will not put up with such drugs.Never ever. I shall not tolerate:

-Heroine.Coke-Crack Cocaine, or pills,, METH, or even a "chronic weed/marijuana smoker"who can't even get the heck up for a "much needed therapy session"so he can make his "TRANSFER"to a peaceful beautiful CLEAN/GOD-loving home, with a woman who work 3 jobs, multiple biz, in college, going to law school soon and who is a great mom,great woman and who love him for just "him"without any stress, and or any disrespect. Mizzy, i'm not a fool who will engage in such and the 'I love you and all that,and how "i will prove myself again,shall be backed by ACTION once again or i am not going to be with him."This man was wonderful to me (barely argued) til now, when he is um "in the old hood, as he call it."But again i will share full update soon as i can today.LOVE your post again. Make so much sense, chica.

Hoping you are well today praise God, with your beloved Jeff. I have a full update.I will be sharing it in a minute or 3 hours lol (another consulting client)walked in,so i have to wait. -It has been hard, but only, to a point. .You see, i've been doing what i knew DEEP within mi heart would work." Some it work for,others not so much. I am happy i waited and did not "jump" and "answer his phone call when HE expected me to.This worked for me. Shall expound more later. .I needed him to REFLECT. and it worked.

We spoke, and he didn't speak to me only "1 x."I know all he has said was a bunch of words again, however, in prison his words as ALL know here 24hrs.a day was always backed up by ACTION.(He sounded like that)some and i will brief you again in full soon, then we will be seeing each other soon again however, he first open up things as i was hoping he would if he "truly love me/as much as he prove a long time now then i knew he would."So i will go over it with you all soon tonight. Thanks for caring ,chica. hugs and blessings to you and yours."
#TAAS (there are always signs,so DON'T ignore them)
Lead with your MIND + not your heart.

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