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Originally Posted by lisabv View Post
Thanks for the links. He has 7 points already. He started taking everything he could to get points. Now we are just waiting. Like I said before his status says no decision on his tpm. I just don't understand any of it. He has a pending court case in ellijay but it still hasn't went to court. Wouldn't he be better to have it heard before he gets out cause it's a drug charge also? I'm hoping it will just run concurrent.
Has he requested a production order from the judge on the other matter? I suggest he do that as soon as possible and donít delay. A lot of people donít realize you can do that. If you donít you risk having a hold (a detainer) when the other could have been dispensed with. Donít forget when your case is heard to ask for time served and the case to run concurrent. Hopefully a good lawyer will advise you but itís good to get as much information as possible on your own. Donít wait for anyone to tell you anything, always be informed and be persistent!
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