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I am sure happy I live in an area where most people don't own guns and this would never have happened. That said, why take any chances? Get rid of the gun!!! My suburb is in a heated debate over banning bump stocks and assault weapons as we speak.

Clearly someone is looking to nail him as it is, they'll just keep trying to nail him, or provoke him or whatever, so why give them any reason to. They now all already know you own a gun. So to me, getting rid of it, that's that option completely off the table.

There must be other ways to protect yourself. Get a security alarm, put cameras outside your house, get the doorbells with the cameras that hook up to an app on your phone. All of that is pretty cheap and you can do it yourself. A lot of my neighbors have that. This ass of a neighbor may then leave you alone. But, again, the fact that they do know you have a gun, they will just try to bait you.

But don't take any chances. The risk of 25 years, is too great. And I totally agree with the others, if your gun is so safely locked up, realistically, how likely are you going to be able to get to it fast enough to get it out in time of need? If you don't want to get a burglar alarm, there must be other options for protection.
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