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You both are really arguing peace of mind - he wants peace of mind that you are safe from attacks, you want peace of mind that he won’t be busted and sent to prison because the prosecutors construe access to your guns, ammo, and related materials. In short, you want him around and he wants you around for the long term.

If you look at it from that perspective, you might be able to answer your question a bit easier.

For his concern - your safety: is a gun the only answer? Is it stored in a way that you have instant access in case you need it? Are there children in the house (who will be sneaking around either to discover Christmas presents or sneaking in the house when they are late for curfew)? Is a dog or a security system an option, and will it reduce his concerns - why or why not? If he is in the house when something bad happens, would you be able to pull a gun? What would he do that would compensate for not pulling a gun? Does he think that he makes you crime proof?

For your concerns: what happens if you lose him to a possession charge? Is he comfortable sitting in prison when he wouldn’t have to if there was no gun in the house? If you lose him to the system, what do your lives look like? Especially if he pulls 25 years? What do you expect out of the next 25 years assuming he’s not in prison? What major life events do you expect to have, does your family expect to have? How will you both feel with his absence from the picture? How would you both feel with the absence of his income from the picture for the next 25 years?

I’m assuming you’ve done the basic gun ownership questions and assume you have a gun, know how to use it, practice regularly, and are prepared to shoot somebody, so we won’t get into that. Instead, address your peace of mind concerns and make your choices based on those discussions.
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