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Originally Posted by rick57 View Post
From what I am reading from your posts you are taking a narrow perspective on my comments. I am only pointing out the disproportionate sentencing on drug charges relative to violent crimes, many individuals are serving a life sentence on similar drug charges without the criminal background that Mr. Scott has. And contrary to what you may believe you absolutely have to have a lawyer to defend you in a criminal trial it would be nonsensical to believe otherwise.
If this has confused you I am sorry. But I am not on here to to back and forth with anonymous poster that seems to have a need to drive a point home even to the level of being negative. So you take care of yourself and have a nice evening.
I love it when defendants decide they can do a better job defending themselves.

I also love it when a defendant, despite all the advice and evidence you give him, decides to roll the dice, take it to trial, and then find himself at the bad end of a stacked sentence for every single charge the State threw at him.

Look, the guy didn't get caught with a small amount of pot. He didn't get caught with a small amount of pot once or twice. He didn't do what a lot of guys do when they get caught with life sentence quantities and beyond of drugs.

Yes, sentencing isn't fair. At the time the guy was sentenced, it was pretty mandatory pursuant to the sentencing guidelines what he was going to get. It has only been subsequent to that that judges have been given the discretion to depart from the sentencing guidelines, taking into account mitigating factors. But back then, pot was considered a gateway drug, and marketed that way to the average citizen to get those extreme penalties.

Look, we're talking the Obama administration. We're talking Obama's clemency policy in the federal system. We're talking a ton of lawyers working on clemency packets for those who meet the basic requirements for the clemency program - long term sentenced people serving an much longer (ridiculously longer) sentence for drugs with no write-ups for years who want to give clemency a shot. There are investigators and paralegals going through decades of court records and prison records finding these cases. There are volunteer attorneys dealing with these cases, getting them in front of Obama. This effort has been unprecedented. Pot cases, crack cases (especially when the disparity between crack cociane and powder cocaine was huge in sentencing, and mostly race based), and a variety of other drug cases are going before Obama, and he's actually looking. He's looking to grant clemency, not deny it. Again, if it was denied by Obama, there was good reason.
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