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Patti, I agree; we are in the latter stages of empire, the "bread and circuses" phase (something I did not believe 6 years ago). Until then I had thought we were still in mid-phase, with a chance of learning to do better. Perhaps we still can. . . but never by following mass delusions of persecution, as we seem currently to be doing.
Yes, eventually the some of the Nazi perpetrators were in fact tried and sentenced, but it was thin gruel for the survivors, don't you think? It could not change the past, and it did not return those survivors to health, wealth or family. That is the sorrow we will have to face because of Bush's war -- that there is no way to return to those who have died, or who have suffered and survived, the lives they were living, the lives they have lost. I don't think the narcissism of the current executive branch members permits them to think of those people as real, but only as "other".
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