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WOW some of the comments on here blow my mind on how narrow minded people can be. Of curse the rehabs have not worked you do not get repeat business when they work. If you look at the actual data from when Nixion declared this war on drugs in those many many generations all we have done was waste money and take time and lives away from people while making cartels and gangs more powerful as for the drug its self they are easier to get now then they were before we started a war against them. You know why that is because Drug use is an ethics issue at best. Its something one person does that may not be good for them but do it anyway.. sound familiar? how many people we have in the U.S that smoke or drink? that is no good for you but it is legal everyone has a vice weather its food, sunflower seeds, porn or drugs we have that one thing we can not break free from. If you even attempt to say other wise you are lying through your teeth or to stupid top grasp what i am saying. but yet some peoples vises other people made laws over and those people lose their whole life and everything they know because of it. What's the saying "drugs could ruin your life" well thank god the police are catching folks and the courts are ruining their lives for them was worried for a min drug use was actually gonna do it. I say that because how many presidents have we now had that have admitted to doing drugs? they did them and ended up with the best job in the USA while others who might of been caught with the same drug 20 yrs ago are labeled felons cant vote and limits where they can work... The day you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me why three presidents now have formerly been by definition if caught "dope head criminals" but yet were able to lead our country? Drugs are not good i agree but i know people who were going threw a rough patch and went and got drugs and because they are not real criminals they got caught early on in their little moment way to soon to even know if they were going to just be a rec user or a habitual. when caught already in a rough spot in life (reason they had the drugs) now their college diplomas no longer mean squat they lose a hand ful of rights and are branded a criminal... do we really not pay attention to world news these days? every country who went on the war on drugs with the USA has either stopped it completely or are taking steps backwards... Hell mexico that god forsaken dump has decriminalize weed finally in a trail run to see if it is gonna decriminalize all drugs. that piss poor country has figured out they drug war is what has made the cartel powerful and they are tired of getting killed over trying to stop drugs from coming here it wont be long and they will decriminalize all drugs there and there will be no resistance to the drugs coming here Americans will then have to fight and die in place of the Mexican cops who have been fighting and dying... With our country having 70% of the people in it on some form of prescription drug id be willing to bet my life that at least half are being abused maybe more. But we are blinded to that fact because it came from a dr. it cant be wrong.... well dr.s are out to make money also. You answer another question a parent loses one son to prison for illegal drugs and then another son from an od from the pills he got from his DR. which one cuts the worse? its knowledge that will help the drug users but more importantly its knowledge that will open the eyes to the none drug users so they can come up with a calmer better approach on how to deal with this people. check the numbers i beg you the war on drugs has done nothing with preventing drugs being here and people using the only thing it has done was ruin lives that may not of gotten ruined tore families apart and cost us billions of dollars each year... if not for the moral issues do it for the financial issues what i 4 billion a year actually getting us? not a got damn thing
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