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Originally Posted by nimuay View Post
Yours seems only focused on money coming in.
No, I'm not focused only on money coming in. Money is perhaps the most tangible benefit but the intangible ones (less likely to have mental illness, more likely to have good grades, less likely to have been raped by a family member, etc) are probably more valuable.

Originally Posted by nimuay View Post
What you seem to miss is that the deck is stacked....fewer amenities (often none at all) in the schools, job deserts, grocery deserts, etc. And that's not because the people who live there are unworthy, but because those are the areas they were pushed into by housing segregation agreements and laws and red-lining.
No I have not missed this. What you have seemed to miss, however, is that the easiest ticket out of those bad schools and grocery deserts is to have a second parent in the home.

Look, I think many of you are under the impression that I am against people having relationships and families with people in prison. I'm not against them whatsoever. Matter of fact, I support those of you who are supporting your husbands, wives, children, spouses, etc 100%. Its awesome that you're supporting these people...our loved ones. I'm simply acknowledging the well documented fact that a child being raised in a home with only one parent is at a significant disadvantage to a child being raised in a home with two parents.
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