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Originally Posted by jsanner View Post
2 Earners in the home is better than 1 earner in the home every time. It doesn't mean a 1-earner family can't do it. Many do. My family did while my father was in prison. The family visits might be great for the inmate. Or for the family.
Having two parents in the home is not equal to having two "earners". Many two-parent homes have one who chooses not to work outside of the home. And having two parents in the home when one is unstable and bringing home income doesn't automatically improve conditions for a child.

I had two parents in the home. I was raised in poverty, I was sexually abused, I've been divorced, earned a four year degree...

Stats are nice and helpful, but they're weak points when discussing subjects with shades of grey. You alienate people with experiences not reflected in the numbers.

But the OP was specifically discussing the "pretense" that inmates use family visits/events as a way to solidify their own post-release security with little to no regard for the family unit. It's based on his opinion and biased observation.
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