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Default Fed shutdown threatens ICE detention centers

Poor CoreCivic. Private contract prisons for ICE detention are running out of money thanks the the fed shut down. I know a few weeks ago in El Paso, due to overcrowding, ICE delivered roughly 800 detainees after dark to the bus station with no coordination from any other support services. In my community the detention centers are full and they are having to release people which would be laughable if I didn't witness several stops/raids in the last two week. The white INS buses here are a common sight. But are they detaining or releasing? Who knows.

Shutdown puts ICE at risk of running out of money to pay contractors

Detention facilities are key to ICE's operations

"The longer the clock runs on the government shutdown, the more issues that are likely to arise as to who and how ICE can continue detaining individuals -- throwing a wrench in yet another of the Trump administration's efforts to crack down on immigration."
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