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Originally Posted by rockchalk1 View Post
Have you talked to an attorney who deals in post sentencing issues that can contact the probation office and work with the Bop to get him on direct home confinement? There is a program called LMP which is skipping the HWH and going right to Hc. My husbandís P.O. mentioned this to us in his pre release Home inspection. A lot of hwh or prisons also donít want to release to this program because they lose the money and they would rather release a problematic prisoner than one who causes no problems. Sad but true. My husband is to be released to straight HC after orientation but now we have found there are even problems the hwh is causing with that and decided to retain an attorney and he instead is first going to try to go the LMP route. He knows my husbandís P.O. which is a plus also but weíll see. Just would rather he not be in the hwh more than necessary.

At the end of the day, heís still in custody even in the hwh so they donít need to release your husband even if he is eligible. Last year with the hwh closings a lot of inmates lost their hwh time and because of full beds had to wait to go to the hwh delaying their release from the facility.
What does LMP stand for?

I guess I could confer with attorneys, I just have barely survived while he has been incarcerated. It has been all that I could do to support him and myself. While things are starting to get better financially, I'm still not in a position to retain legal counsel, even if it was just a few thousand dollars... I simply do not have it. We lost everything when he was taken from me. This was actually a civil matter and everyone who has looked at his records is shocked that he is in the BOP. But, if there is a way to retain an attorney, if that could get him released sooner, I definitely would.

Thank you for your response ;-D
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