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Default How to Enforce Eligible Release Date

What you mentioned about your husband (all the good) actually works against him when it comes time to decide community custody. The fact he was good and has a good family support system in place mitigates the need for pre release services. Since he is disabled and on social security further negates the need for pre release employment assistance, which the HWH provides. Halfway houses are there to assist people with reintegration. It sounds like your husband doesnít need much in that department. And if he was at a camp, then there is even less of a need since he was low security.

More halfway house and community custody time is not a reward for good behavior. They could really care less. More HWH/HC time is based on reintegration need. His reward for being good is he gets to stay longer. Iím so sorry.

I know. Itís backwards but this is how the BOP thinks.

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