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Originally Posted by char_hart80 View Post
I am writing my first erotic letter to my man, I have no idea if it will go through but I guess I won't know till I do it lol! My issue is replacing the word pussy, or c**t with another word other then vagina and something boring like honey pot lol!!

So instead I have put, Punani, and or a little picture of a cat that I would draw lol! figured he would get a kick out of that xD LOL!! Punani is a Indian Kama Sutra word of woman's vagina or a nicer way of saying pussy lol!
Cute and creative! You might also want to consider using coded phrases like "the twins" for body parts. "The twins miss you something awful. I was thinking about the last time you partied with them while I was exploring the valley you enjoyed staying in so much. Do you remember the little man in the boat?"
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