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Originally Posted by sadjose View Post
I forgot where I got this idea but me and my boyfriend have been writing an "erotic novel" lmao back and forth, the next person will start writing where the last person left off. And me and him are of course the main characters. I thought he would be weirded out by the first letter but he loved it! And is actually a really talented writer lol god I miss him so much
I love that idea! Erotic letters are the best! Unfortunately I'm not really a talented writer, so what I do is simply to copy an erotic short that makes me hot from one of those erotic story sites like and simply change some details and names. He knows that I haven't written them, but he really loves to read what makes me horny, which is a huge turn on for him. LOL, sometimes I even feel sorry for turning him on so much with my letters.
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