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Originally Posted by britbrat1 View Post
Hey there. I'm responding to the erotic letters question. My hubby also wanted me to write him erotic letters, basically going into details about our sex life. Now I would listen to him and once I was done I would have a 4 page letter and mail it off. He would ask did I send it and I would tell him yea. Weeks would go by so I would write more letters. I wrote atleat 5 erotic letters not including me just writing him on the strenth, but I received every last one of the nasty letters I wrote to him and they circled everything I described(the whole letter). Smh I was so irritated waste of ink. It sucks they read it before it gets to them. My sister told me I should write a book I been thinking about it to
What gets delivered and what gets refused depends on prison censorship rules and individual censors' interpretation of the rules. We're fortunate that nothing I've sent was refused. Maybe the censors are more liberal where my wife is. I hope nothing changes. We both get excited waiting for mail!
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