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Originally Posted by HerKingHisQueen View Post
I was a little shy at first, now I can't stop sending them! LOL I research on the internet, find some good stories and change words here and there, include our names or nicknames. He has asked if I wrote them or where do I get them, sees the story all about who we are together to I am good with that! keep him guessing.

Recently sent him a word search puzzle, using body parts, sexual acts and he loved it. You can find them online also, for free! Type in your words and it does the puzzle.

Going too keep searching on line too, I may be liking this more than! Gotta do what we have to keep sex life alive. although we have never been together.
You have some excellent ideas for envelope stuffers!

Keeping a sex life alive during a long or permanent separation requires a lot of imagination and psychological energy, like any long distance romance.
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