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My girlfriend (she's the one incarcerated) will send me something to get me going like she did recently on Valentine's day. She asked me what I liked in lingerie. 6 pages later I think she knows. ;-) She loves the fantasy/action stuff and reading about the more than just 2-somes. I try to write what she likes but just doesn't come out right and I have to table it for an evening. If that happens...I just reread what she sent to me and it does the trick. Sigh...4 years....4 months and 27 days...give or take and then we won't have to write about it. Seeing how we met via letter though...I have a feeling that once a week or so I'll probably still write her a letter letting her know how much I love and respect her. I won't write as much as I do now...but once every week or two will probably put a smile on her face.
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