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I have a couple of answers but not all....First the level of security makes a difference...Whether he is minimum, medium or close supervision or maximum. Second, there are specific programs at various prisons that assist with various issues, such as rehabilitation in various areas (for example...substance abuse), next they usually try to find a close prison near to the offender's home. If your loved one is over 2 hours away (via Mapquest) you can get a transfer to a closer institution. Keeping these objectives in mind, do a little research and see if your loved one is appropriately placed, then go from there. Good luck.
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I would like to know who determines where an inmate goes and how it is determined. The reason I want to know is because my son is into the fifth month of his 11mo sentence. He was sent to Noble after 2 wks at CRC. His crimes were non violent and he is an easy going person. Since Noble is one of the worse prisons for violence and gangs I really don't know why he would be sent there. Is it determined by the openings in the prisons, does the sentencing judge have something to do with it or what? I know alot of people who did worse crimes and violent crimes that were sent to less violent prisons such as the one in Chillicothe. Also does anyone know if a person would have a case against a hired lawyer that denied his clients request for inpt drug rehab and instead went with the plea agreement that was probabtion etc and my son later commited crime while on probabtion due to his addiction. Was his rights violated when the lawyer from the first case did not request this be part of the plea bargain. He just told my son to stay out of trouble..easier said than done when addicted to drugs and living in the same town where every drug dealer gets off and continues on to deal the drugs. Thanks for any info.

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