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Because it's what the case manager at CRC decided would best fit the offender. Like I said, it's not fair, but that's how it happens, unfortunately! If he's a level 1, that's minimum security. It doesn't get any lower than that. Sure, he's gonna be in a prison with 2, 3's and in some other prisons 4's and 5's, but there is no prison that just has minimum security unless it's a halfway house or treatment facility.

Thanks Mehman! This guy that is in, he's just a friend, a family friend, I've known since he was younger. He went in 17 and is serving 18 to life for murder after shooting someone at a party who was beating up on his friend. I don't condone what he did, he shouldn't have had a gun and he didn't need to shoot the guy. I just simply provide support and friendship and whatever else I can be for him while he spends at least the next 11 years before he has a parole hearing.

My focus in my career is going to be the abolishment of the life sentence for a juvenile offender, especially when there is a no previous criminal record of a juvenile offender. Some offenses and offenders deserve to be imprisoned for many years, I don't disagree with that, but the juveniles need a chance. It's one thing to sentence someone to 40 years, it's another to say 25 to life. I want to get that life tail taken away. If the offense is serious enough, then sure, sentence to many many years, but let's get that life tail off for a juvenile offender who has a chance to make it in the world down the road. We all made decisions as teenagers that we know we wouldn't make now as did the juveniles who committed offenses serious enough to warrant prison in the adult system. The key is if the juvenile offender learns and becomes someone better while in the inside, what kind of message are we sending when we sentence him or her to life without taking into account that the person can change. I might not succedd, but, I'm going to certainly try until the last door is closed in my face :-)

It is so sad that the entire judicial and legal teams of many counties are all buddies and enjoy living their lives while they cause others to suffer. The same thing happens in the small town I am in now and it just seems like there is nothing to do to make it fixable! It's the good old boys network and it sucks, to be blunt!

I wish the best for your son and for you. It's going to be a tough fight for him, but with you on his side and the good head on your shoulders, I think he's got a fighting chance to make it! I hope it all turns out for the best for him!!! :-) Keep me posted if you hear any good news or anything I might be able to answer. If I can't, i know a lot of people on here can or it can be looked up very quick! :-)
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