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Thanks so much for your response and I hope and pray that you are able to make changes in the system for it is sorely needed...our town is a joke when it comes to lawyers,judge and prosecutors...they don't want to change the drug problems of the town cause if they do it will slow down the flow of money for lie..judge caught buying drugs along with a local lawyer..judge did community service and lawyer went to rehab...well known that most all of them use cocaine even the former prosecutor who is now an administrator at our local hospital. So tell me this is not a corrupt town, but unfortunately, those that probably could do something to report this to the right administrations out of this county are afraid to do so.

The drug dealers cases are reduced to misdemeanors by the same judge mentioned earlier and they are back on the streets to sell more. The young people that commit crimes of theft to buy their drugs are sentenced to prison instead of an inpt rehab. The common pleas judge put an article in the paper that said he likes to give them a second chance..yeah a second chance to mess up by not sending them to rehab and knowing that they will most like be back in his court.

My son's sentence is 11 mos 5th degree felonies for probabation violation..he will have 2 more yrs probabtion with 3 yrs added parole after that.

But anyway, thanks for the info and yes the lawyers etc. are all friends in this small town and party together. I am sure they have a good laugh about the money they make from the families cause we know we are for the part the ones who are paying up.

Glad your family member is doing better and sorry that your going through this with your wishes.

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