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if bryan were to tell me some bull like that after i waited x amount of years for him , i would curse his ass out!! forget about "atleast he was being honest".

He should've let you know how it would be prior to you doing this bid with him.

him telling you that there's a possibility that he cant abstane from sex is just saying he doesnt want to or he doesn't love you enough to wait JMO

supposed you and he were together in the same town and for some reason you were not able to have sex. will he then say look my **** is hard you can't give me what i want so let me go get it from someone else??

L-rd have mercy i wish bryan would tell me some mess like that :fb: if your man went all this time with out sex what difference will a few more months make. and who is he going to have sex with so fast in this day and age ? does he know anyone up there? do you suspect him of communicating with any other females while he is locked up?

You have to sit down and really think about this, if you loved him enough to be celibate , why cant he do the same??

good luck, and stay strong!

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