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Originally Posted by Sarancam416 View Post
Thank you for all ur responses. Its difficult to try and stay on topic and try to word things correctly because the last thing i want to do is influence their decision in a bad way which im sure yall understand. So thank you. I just didnt want the letter to be all over the so i think im going to try actually writing it first then typing it after that way its more of just flows from the heart. I found trying to type it first makes me think more about whats being said which leads to me questioning everything i write. Of course his lawyer will read it first and make suggestions im sure just wanted to do it right the first time lol because its important.
it is important. Don't worry about getting it right the first time - that's why you get it to the attorney in plenty of time to make edits. Editing is where you make things clear. It's okay to make mistakes or to be unclear in your first draft. You are so close to the subject it's almost impossible to do it in one go. Take that worry off of yourself. Attorneys who write for a living never do things in one draft without doing several more drafts. And we aren't emotionally tied to the subject!

Let me clarify - there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing more than one draft or making edits. There is nothing wrong with having somebody else read it and ask questions or point out a mistake. I recently read a pleading where the defendant was referred to not by her name, but by the victim,s first name and her last name. Stuff like that happens - this is why a second set of eyes is imperative. This is also why it's okay to revise, edit, and take your time.
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