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The Division is not apt to lift the warrant on their own. An arrest for new felony conduct has historically resulted in warrant issuance, with the Division then placing the matter at the footsteps of the Board.

More people with pending felonies should request the preliminary hearing though even if their trial attorney is an idiot at is free discovery that could come before the County otherwise offers materials. In some Counties, the DA will not offer up the discovery materials until lab results are known and a charge formally filed by Indictment. The preliminary parole hearing sets that practice to the side if you subpoena the officer(s). Moreover, in many instances, the officer(s) don't show up for a parole hearing or, if they DO show, have been instructed by the DA's office not to discuss the case.

The threshold to continue a case to the revocation process is very low. Where someone is already on paper for the same thing they were arrested for, you are also looking at the adjustment phase of the hearing. Having a GOOD in-patient program lined up can be of use. However, there is no guarantee that even with a GOOD program, the hearing officer will enter a decision to continue supervision pending adjudication that is then signed off on by the Board. BUT...there are certainly instances where it occurs...
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