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Update - thanks everyone for your advice, prayers, and encouraging words. I called the PO supervisor after not hearing from his PO, and in talking to him about my situation, he told me he's getting out in December "not in 38 days", he didn't give me a specific date, but at least I know when. I called the prison and asked them if they could serve him a restraining order, so it's in process now, I'm waiting to get it back, he's been served in his cell, I go to court next Tuesday to obtain a permanent order. I'm taking the necessary steps so he stays away from me and my family, but I'm sure he's probably angrier now that I put the restraining order and hopefully he won't confront me when he gets out. It's all so sad and not the happy ending I wanted with him, trying to stay strong and not have anymore feelings for him. Thanks for being there and read my posts.
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