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Originally Posted by onedayatatime13 View Post
I am glad out of respect she asked for your permission. Hopefully it means she doesn't want to cause problems.

Is your issue with her or because she is friends with the other woman? Or both? I just hope her intentions are real.

Talk to your husband about everything. Gauge his reaction. Ask him questions and express your concerns. Take it from there.
I sorta thought that if she asked for my permission then maybe it was just a friendly gesture, but then as I say she acts weird when it comes to me. I have tried to get to know her and even be her friend , but nothing has came from it. I have been told I can be intimidating cause im like 6'1 and I dont trust many.
No my issues isnt with her at all, its I dont trust her being friends with the other woman and me thinking that she will be writing my husband for THE OTHER WOMAN. Thats where my issues are right now.
I have spoken with my husband about it and even he doesnt know why she acts like that towards me cause he said that she claims to like me. He thinks im reading too much into it, but there is just part of me that thinks its just weird and he has told me before that if I dont want him talking with her he wont. So that does make me feel better if she does try to cause issues.
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