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It is difficult to do suggestions on your own. You will spend too much time sitting around getting into your head. My man and I had such sort of a story. It was actually an ex-girl coming around and apparently trying to rock the boat. So I sent a message to my man that this girl tries to talk to me (through facebook), he called me up and we talked this out. I told him how I felt (she tried to rock the boat) and he said that he totally understands, that he does not want her to go crazy over nothing, and that he would write her and let her know that she shall leave us alone. I never heard back from her.

Especially in days like these, it is important to be honest to your man, and let him know your feelings. No matter how well you think you know each other, nobody can read the other's mind, and men are not necessarily the best gender to interpret women's subtle hinting methods. He needs to get your feelings right away, so that there is no drama later, with him saying: Why didn't you tell me at first place?
You don't need to "let anything happen" oder "allow" anything. It's up to him and to support his decision, he shall understand your story first.
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