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Originally Posted by Eddie's Wife865 View Post
My husband has a friend that is a girl ( woman she is like 50ish ) She used to like him like many years ago. I met her like back in the spring before he got incarcerated and she seemed like she didnt like me much. Well long story short my husband and I was having issues and we was separated and he was with ANOTHER woman , but we got over ALL that when he went in and are doing well, actually better then ever. My problem is I got a message from " his friend" who is friends with this WOMAN he was with when we had issues and his friend wants to write him. She told me she wouldnt do it without my ok. Well I didnt want to seem like a B**ch, so I said sure but I dont want any messages to be relayed about HER FRIEND. Im sure some will say im being petty and I even asked my husband about it and he says im looking into it more then what it is, but its that gut feeling im having. HIS FRIEND wont add me on any social media, but will message me when she needs something and she always give me the cold shoulder so to speak. My husband said she is just a strange character and I just dont know how to take her, which I dont. My thing is What should I do , should I take the chance and let her and him talk and maybe she relays messages from HER FRIEND or should I lay down the law.. im so confused on what to do cause my husband and I are doing great but im not dealing with NO DRAMA and I feel this will start some. I mean he has been in now for 4 months and she just now wants to write?? Makes no sense
I don't understand why if he knows this bothers you why he would want to be involved with her in any way. Talk to him and tell him how this really makes you feel and ask him how he would feel if the tables were turned.

Hopefully, he will rid himself of her if she is just a "strange character". Incarceration is not easy and when you have things and people outside the relationship that have the potential to cause problems, you clear shit up and get on the same page, ASAP.
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