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Originally Posted by nancyginnm View Post
Ummm how old is your husband? Just asking because I don't "let" anyone write to him. He's a grown man and can make big boy decisions all on his own. I seriously don't have the time or desire to monitor who writes to him.
Well, he is 44 and im not LETTING anything , she came to me and asked if it was ok, I suppose out of respect maybe cause not many women do that anymore. Some just try and start crap and run with it . If he wants to write her cool, but im just confused with WHY NOW and thats WHY im confused of how im questioning the whole thing. Of course he is grown and can do his own thing, however im not about to sit by quietly after having to put our life on hold and know that someone else is writing my husband to try and start drama AGAIN. I mean am I in the wrong for that??
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