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Originally Posted by pepeperez View Post
Do you know if he can be "deported early" for good behavior? Thank you!
Dunno. What I would do is contact his consulate - the consulate of the country where he is a citizen and would be deporting to - and have them aid in the process.

Of course, I would not do this if the country of origin would react badly to a conviction, where he could stand trial a second time, where he would be more limited upon that country discovering his conviction, or where that country would target him. If any of those are the case, I would contact a good immigration attorney and ask about refugee status. It may not help him to stay in this country, but it may help him get deported to another country willing to receive refugees from his country of origin.

So, if he's an out, gay man and he's going to be deported to Chechnya, then getting refugee status with a country that doesn't kill people who are gay would be a good thing BEFORE getting out of prison would be a good thing so that he could go to say Italy instead of back to Chechnya.
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