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Default Plead guilty as a sex offender; will he be deported?

Hello, my knowledge of immigration and state laws are really bad, I was reading and reading, but I cannot find information, my friend has a problems in Louisiana, his lawyer are asking him to plead guilty as a sex offender to take 5 years, he is a green card holder. Can he take advance of good behavior to early releas due this?

Louisiana Law

571.3. Diminution of sentence for good behavior
A.(1) Every prisoner in a parish prison convicted of an offense and sentenced to imprisonment without hard labor, except a prisoner convicted a second time of a crime of violence as defined by R.S. 14:2(B), may earn a diminution of sentence, to be known as "good time", by good behavior and performance of work or self-improvement activities, or both. The amount of diminution of sentence allowed under this Paragraph shall be at the rate of thirty days for every thirty days in actual custody, except for a prisoner convicted a first time of a crime of violence, as defined in R.S. 14:2(B), who shall earn diminution of sentence at the rate of three days for every seventeen days in actual custody held on the imposed sentence, including, in either case, time spent in custody with good behavior prior to sentencing for the particular sentence imposed as authorized by Code of Criminal Procedure Article 880.

538. Conditions of probation, parole, and suspension or diminution of sentence
A.(1) No sexual offender, whose offense involved a minor child, shall be eligible for probation, parole, or suspension of sentence unless, as a condition thereof, the sexual offender is prohibited from engaging in any business activity which provides goods, services, instruction, or care to and requires the offender to engage in a significant amount of direct contact with minor children.

With all this new Trump Immigration rules, he will be deported? and how much time he need to stay in jail to be deported?.

Thank you in advance

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