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Originally Posted by lilt0123 View Post
Thank you for the advice. This is my first relationship with both an addict and an inmate. If all goes well, he will be out in 3 months. Iím aware of all the obstacles heíll have to face when he gets out...going to NarAnon will help me be a better support for him.
Just get help for you so your not enabling him, which even as an addict who has quit drugs because I didn't want that life anymore, I had a very hard time dealing with my husbands addictions. I am very grateful that I had great support when I was done with drugs. I'd done court ordered stuff it meant nothing to me but find more connections who were also there unwillingly!!! He might not want to get around those people anymore, right now he has clean time in and should be ok but when your new in a program it's tough to figure who's real and who isn't. But it helps a lot that your not an addict. Good luck!!!
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