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From my experience (and I'm 70 now), those who insist that the meetings of 12-step programs are 'wrong' for them are not going to stop. They don't want to be near people who can call him on their shit.

You said he's been clean this whole time and that's great, but it's not sober. Sober involves getting both into and out of your own head - 'in' to understand his real motivation and circumventions and 'out' to have others who can point out to him the motivations and circumventions that he's still employing while pointing him toward greater honesty.

Be careful, because if you invest much more hope in his sobriety and he crashes, he will hurt you even more. Frankly, he should live on his own and get his feet under him with support from everyone, but no enabling (which means you and his sister should both already be going to meetings!).
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