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Default Release date soon...doesnít want addiction support

The day my bf got arrested his sister and I had planned an intervention bc he was spiraling out of control. In a weird way, being incarcerated was a blessing in disguise...even he thinks so. Heís been clean the entire time and has been taking substance abuse classes. Iím so proud of him and weíve managed to strengthen our relationship.

His release date is approaching and weíve been talking about our plans. He wants to stay clean and knows heíll have to avoid the people and situations that fed his multiple addictions. When I suggested NarAnon for both of us, however, he insisted he wanted to do this on his own. Iím just nervous, because when he wasnít sober he was a completely different person and made a lot of really bad decisions that hurt me and many others. Iím worried that without support heís going to get sucked right back in.

I know I canít force him to do anything and can only control my own actions...but iím just starting to get really anxious.
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