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Originally Posted by eclips View Post
Are you 100% sure she participated because she wanted. We have many here that lately been sentenced of crime against children or teenagers, because they have forced them to do pretty nasty thing withthemselves infront of webcam. First they have scamed them, that they are another person, a handsom younger boy, then they have a "relationship" and get the girls to send normal picture, and then are asking agressively for topless, and there they have them. Then its threating to spread the picture/movies wich make them do really nasty things. One girl here even killed herself because the old mans threting of spreading of the pictures and continuing asking for more.
I am sure this mans penpal case is different. This is not a sex crime but accessory to murder. I do understand what you are saying, and young people do the silliest things. It is sad that some get exploited for doing silly things, but, in the issue you are referring to above, it's different.

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