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Originally Posted by patchouli View Post
The body count is up to 12. 12....since December 29th, not quite a month

Mississippi 12th inmate death: Man, 26, found hanging in his cell in Parchman, coroner said

Read article HERE.

'Beaten, Broken, Tired': Prison Protest Draws Families, Activists to Mississippi Capitol

Families mourned the death of their loved ones while in Mississippi Department of Corrections custody and shared their fears for those who are still alive and enduring squalid conditions in a protest outside the State Capitol in downtown Jackson Friday. Hundreds of affected families joined formerly incarcerated people and activists from throughout Mississippi and beyond to protest inhumane conditions inside Mississippi prisons and jails.

Formerly incarcerated men and women spoke of unsafe drinking water and food in MDOC facilities and rat infestations, and mothers showed pictures of their sick and malnourished sons, who are denied medical attention or not given enough to eat.

Read article HERE.

My heart goes out to everyone with a loved one in the Mississippi Prison system. I wonder how your Legislators sleep at night At least the Governor is moving to do something (Closing Unit 29 at Parchman), but there is so much more to be done:

New details on Parchman’s Unit 29 and what closing it will involve

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Governor Tate Reeves is asking the Department of Corrections to start shutting down Unit 29 at Parchman. That unit has been at the center of the recent violence we’ve reported this month. Hynefa Jones has lost both a brother and nephew who were inmates in Unit 29.

“It’s not a hopeful situation to me of closing 29 down," explained Jones. "Shut the whole prison down. Shut it down.”

Jones is among the growing number of voices calling for more radical change.

Read entire article HERE.

These state leaders should be ashamed, but when they constantly push this "tough on crime" agenda knowing they're sending men and women into conditions that are beyond inhumane that pests shouldn't be exposed to, I feel compelled to tell everyone vote, vote, vote!
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