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I have so many thoughts on this, but first & foremost, I am sorry you had to endure such insensitivity. It was uncalled for and unfair.

I understand how you feel a lot. When my husband [ then boyfriend] was first arrested, people spoke so ill of the situation. Between guilt and sentencing, it was not as if I could avoid some people : like you, there is the lunch room, and they took opportunities to say rude things. Many advise to „ not share information about your private life” , but there are some instances where it can not be kept in the shadows. It is awful for people to only run their mouths instead of think, „this must be difficult for that person, especially a mother, let me have some compassion.”

Yes, it is true, people act superior as if this will never happen to them or their loved ones. People that act haughty on the broken backs of others are actually low, so do not let this bother you, though I know it does.

It takes a simple scroll of this site to encounter stories of stable / well - adapted people or their relatives come to say, „ I never imagined this would happen.” But yet, it has, and that is the twist n ‘ turns of life : we never know. We can do our best to follow the law, but the vast areas of law [ computer crimes / white collar ] or those related to other factors [ such as mental illness or addiction] mean we need to think twice before we judge that we are superior.

The other point is that prison / prisoners are often misunderstood and an environment steeped in falsehoods / myths. Often this comes from the wider message to paint all prisoners with tar [ bad ] as well as the dramatic nature of prison portrayed on television. Always rape, always stabbings, always bad people doing bad things. And so, people will throw anything negative in your way, cause it is an easy misunderstood sore spot.

Humanity really sucks at seeing that people are not one - dimensional.

Take care of yourself. When I am stuck in the lunch room with others that I KNOW have been rude in the past, I fake read the newspaper. Just find a diversion. . . I would be fired if I opened my mouth.
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